The Book of Two Ways

This blog is about my research into Ancient Egyptian mysticism.  For a long time now I have been studying the Egyptian texts such as the Book of the Dead and the Pyramid Texts to understand what they can teach us about the nature of ourselves and the nature of reality.


My approach is to use the results of mainstream Egyptology, accurate translations, books and papers coupled with meditation on the nature and meaning of symbols, deities and so on.  My study is a serious study in the sense that I test my insights against known archeological facts.  I go well beyond the Egyptologist’s comfort zone but not into the flights of fancy that Egypt so often induces in those drawn to this subject.


My basic thesis is that as one of the oldest civilisations known to us, the Egyptians codified a system of knowledge which was ancient even to them.  As old in fact as human beings themselves, perhaps 100,00 or 200,000 years old.  This knowledge is not science or philosophy but about how humans can perceive and relate to the divine.  If we can properly understand their religion then this can help us to rediscover for ourselves in our own way our own nature and the nature of reality.



The Book of the Two Ways was the Egyptians’ first recorded map of the mysterious other realm which we call the Underworld or Netherworld and they called the Duat.  It was inscribed on the bases of a number Middle Egyptian Coffins (Dynasty 12 c. 1938 – 1759 BCE) and has been described by the Egyptologist Edmund Hermsen as the first Hermetic work.  The text maps two paths, an earth path and a sky path to the land of the dead, the realm of Osiris.


Books of the netherworld, the Duat, became even more important in the New Kingdom and many different descriptions, the Amduat, the Book of Gates, the Book of Caverns and so on exist.  Central to these text was a key event called the union of souls, the embrace of the souls of two gods, Osiris and Ra.


My blog – bookoftwoways – is really about how the duality of Osiris and Ra can be ‘resolved’ … or perhaps about how to travel these two ways of what we could call the Sun as the source of all life and our Selves, each of us in our own kingdom.

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